Mitigating the Risks of Public IP Addresses (Part 2)

While the risks associated with public IP addresses are significant, several measures can be taken to mitigate these dangers. Here’s a detailed guide on how to protect your network from the potential hazards of using public IP addresses. Use Firewalls Implementing a robust firewall is one of the first lines of defense against unauthorized access and cyber-attacks. Firewalls act as a barrier between your internal network and the internet,Read more

The Potential Risks of Using Public IP Addresses (Part 1)

Public IP addresses allow devices to communicate directly with the internet, but they also come with several risks that can jeopardize security and privacy. This article explores the potential dangers associated with using public IP addresses and offers tips on how to mitigate these risks in Part 2 What is a public IP address? A public IP address is an address that is accessible over the internet. It isRead more

IP Address Leasing: How to lease IP Addresses

The digital world we navigate today relies heavily on IP addresses, unique identifiers assigned to devices connected to the internet or a local network. As the demand for IP addresses continues to rise, businesses and individuals are exploring various options to secure the necessary resources. One increasingly popular method is IP address leasing. This article delves into the concept of leasing IP addresses, its benefits, and why it hasRead more

What is Public IP Address and the Role of VPNs

Public IP addresses are unique identifiers assigned to devices connected to the internet, enabling them to communicate with other devices globally. These addresses are essential for the functioning of the internet, enabling the routing of data between different networks and ensuring that information reaches the correct destination. However, the visibility and accessibility of public IP addresses also pose certain privacy and security risks. This is where Virtual Private NetworksRead more

What information can be obtained from IP address?

The IP address is a fundamental component of the internet, acting as a unique identifier for devices connected to the network. While it serves a crucial role in routing data, the information that can be derived from an IP address alone can be quite revealing. Here’s a detailed look at what can be gleaned purely from IP addresses. 1. Geolocation One of the most common pieces of information derivedRead more powered by LARUS

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