IP Management Service

You may have excessive IPv4 addresses in hand but would like to keep them rather than selling them off. However, it is wasteful for both the holder and the society if you just let them sit aside. Our IP address management service can help to lease your address to other users who need it and generate high revenue.

Our  IP address management service is a one-stop service far beyond the general intermediary services. We will closely follow the entire process, including customer search, contract signing, invoicing, fee collection, IP management and setting, IP abuse handling, regular management reports, renewal to customers and so on. You will just  need to entrust your IP to us and enjoy the high returns.

Why Choose Our Service?

i.lease customer support

Dedicated Expertise Services

Our dedicated team will handle all address management settings and technical issues.

i.lease help you generate profit with idle ip address

Monetize Your IPs

Make money right the way with your unused or idle IP addresses by selling them on the platform, increasing your company’s profit.

Hassle free service


Our one-stop management service allows you to enjoy high returns without the need for extra manpower and resources. You can even save the work needed to manage IP addresses.

The Process of IP Management Service

Automatic trading system

1. Contact i.lease

Get ready the numbers of unused IP addresses and contact us.

ip address planning

2. Sourcing

We will reach out to potential audiences and proposed your IP addresses to them.

huge network

3. Service Contract

After they confirmed to lease your IP addresses, we will create a service contract for both parties to sign and you will receive the payment.

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