Support to Cloud Innovation in regard to its Legal Actions against AFRINIC

July 26, 2021: This is in response to the press release issued by Cloud Innovation Ltd (“CI”) on
July 26, 2021, regarding the litigations and Supreme Court orders concerning AFRINIC (African
Network Information Centre).

CI and LARUS Limited’s business has been in an extended business partnership where LARUS
provided IP Management Service for CI to provision its number resources to their customers.
In all of these years, CI has been professionally offering its number resources. We have never
noticed any misconduct or infringement done by CI with the AFRINIC policy with regards to
its operation of the concerned number resources.

Recently we have been receiving questions and doubts from numerous worried customers
over the announcement and actions made by AFRINIC about CI’s number resources. AFRINIC’s
unfaithful behavior has caused a lot of problems for customers’ operations, services, and
businesses. To this end, as mentioned in CI’s press release, the Supreme Court of Mauritius
has granted relevant orders and AFRINIC has made an undertaking that it has to refrain from
taking any action against CI’s membership and number resources. Furthermore, by way of a
Judge’s Order, the funds of AFRINIC held in bank accounts at SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd and
Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd, up to the sum of USD 50 Million, have been attached in
favour of CI, pursuant to its claim for damages against AFRINIC, proving that the
aforementioned actions taken by AFRINIC against CI were in fact malicious and unlawful. We
are pleased to hereby inform and reassure customers that the service and the number
resources will keep on working normally as always.

Being its long-term partner, we trust that CI will continue to abide by relevant laws and
policies and provide its service with the utmost professional manner. We would like to take
this chance to thank our customers for their confidence and continuous support in our service,
and we are committed to continually offer only the best service to them. powered by LARUS

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