About Us

I.lease has been providing global IP address leasing and management services in the past few years. It is the first and only company to provide professional IP address services. Our customers range from SMEs to large enterprises and MNCS. Our services have been highly recognized in the industry.

Our advantage

Unique solution in the market

We have extensive experience and solid expertise in the IP market. Managing tens of millions of IPv4 addresses worldwide. I.lease can provide unparalleled solutions on the market, standing at the pinnacle of the IP world.

Unique IPv4 solutions
We are far more than an IP intermediary

We are far more than an IP intermediary

It is well known that the process of finding and buying addresses in the market is long and uncertain. Our philosophy is to provide a sustainable and highly coordinated solution to meet customers’ current and future IP address needs in the business. Choose us as a partner to help you stand out in this fiercely competitive world.

Company Culture

With our dignified position and many years of experience in the IP address field, we can develop the most suitable IP solution for our customers. At the same time, we will continue to improve our solutions to achieve perfection, in order to help customers cope with this changing network world.

Our guarantee

Ensure that customers’ IP resources are used in a manner that is consistent with policies, and help customers protect their IP resources from abuse.

Our team

Our team members have years of experience in participating in world address policies and managing millions of IP addresses globally.

Our aim

To make Internet resources more efficient and operate more smoothly.

Our core values

Innovative, efficient, free, and most cost-effective.

Our mission

To meet the full range of IP needs of different enterprise users.

Our status

Ready to go, we are always ready to serve you.

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