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The objective of LARUS Network Partner Affiliation Program is to create business opportunities for and expand the business of LARUS and partners by enhancing the effectiveness of delivering service and increase the competitiveness of both parties in the market.
This program aims to offer clients who lease IPv4 addresses from LARUS the capability to start local broadcasting with zero delays on the same day; at the same time provides a partnering opportunity to the local hosting companies.


Under this program, the IPv4 addresses are geolocation-ready to be used with local partners’ servers as soon as the leasing service is activated; the local partners manage to get reliable client sources from LARUS. API is available from LARUS’s platform to enable the instant IP assignment to partners’ platform.
As part of the partnership program, partners will provide dedicated servers which will be utilized by LARUS to provide VPS service. LARUS has a rigorous abuse protection mechanism to prevent abusive activity. Our partner can rest assured on this issue.


1.Experienced in managing sizable amount of servers.

2.Good history and commitment in handling IP abuse.

3.Professional management and operation practice.


LARUS would like to commit to a long-term and strong partnership with all the industry experts.


LARUS Network Partner Affiliation Program enables our partners to leverage the strengths of LARUS and the following benefits and returns:

1.Special Rate for IPv4 Addresses
LARUS will act as IPv4 supplier to the partner. Partner will be entitled to a special rate for IPv4 addresses in terms of leasing. Other IPv4 services offering from LARUS can be offered to partners at a special rate if needed.

2.Client Referring
Partner will automatically become a default vendor of LARUS. LARUS will refer potential clientele from the globe to local partner in order to reduce costs and delivery lead time and avoid competitiveness in the market for partners.

3.Publicity Exposure
LARUS hopes the partnership will be achieving a genuinely earned organizational reputation and greater credibility for both parties. Logo of partners will be presented on LARUS official website and publicity material; partners will be exposed to new and potential clientele, allowing a better exposure to the brand.

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