How to Lease IPv4 Addresses and How Much Does it Cost? 

IPv4 addresses are technically exhausted. But because they are absolutely essential, businesses and organizations have found ways to continue to redistribute existing IPv4 addresses. One of these ways is IPv4 leasing. This guide focuses on the functional dynamics of IPv4 addresses and outlines a  process for leasing them. 1.0 Why Opt for IPv4 Leasing?  Leasing IPv4 addresses is a smart solution for businesses in need of IP addresses. Leasing isRead more


Mastering IPv4 Address Leasing: Best Practices

Leasing offers a two-way advantage. For lessors, it is an opportunity to make recurring revenue. For lessees, it is a way to meet their needs for IP addresses without making big financial commitments. There are some best practices and pitfalls that come with IP address leasing. These will be discussed later on. For us to have a better picture on the idea of IPv4 leasing, it’s important to takeRead more


 How Many IPv4 Addresses are There in Total? 

There are about 4.3 billion IPv4 IP addresses. To be precise, it’s 4,294,967,296. While 10 digits may  seem a lot, we have actually run out of those addresses. The Internet has outgrown its capacity. It’s not a doomsday scenario. But this development marks a crucial milestone in the history of our interconnected online world.  1.0 Are IPv4 Addresses Exhausted?  Are IPv4 addresses exhausted? The short answer is: yes. IPv4 addressesRead more


How Many Bits are There in an IPv4 Address? 

An IPv4 address has 32 bits. But to understand what this truly means, let’s look into what bits are and what an IP address space is. 1.0 What are bits anyway?  “Bits ” is short for “binary digits.” A system that uses bits has two states: 0 and 1. By arranging bits in various patterns, we can have different number combinations that we can use as IP addresses. TheRead more


How to Change Your IPv4 Address 

If you’re having networking problems, you might want to learn how to change your IPv4 address. Changing your IP address often helps resolve temporary issues with your network. When Do You Need to Change Your IP Address?  Your IP address is a unique number that your devices gets from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). It’s basically a number that sets your device from other devices on the Internet. ItRead more powered by LARUS

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